This website checks if the hostname is online (accessible over internet) or not.
Just to add: I keep log of all inputs in the following format. {example}
  • domain_name, Requester:, Time:Tue Jul 18 2017 7:10:23 am UTC, Status Code:Online

    You can additionally mention which port number to be scanned for. If it is not mentioned, port 80 will be accessed (by default).
    When you input a valid domain / host-name, a socket connecton is initiated from bl4ck to the target and checked if it is a success or otherwise.
    Possible Results:
  • Valid hostname required!
    and a few custom errors for special people.
    As of now, no false positives have been seen! Use following format to input hostname.
    domain_name.tld or ip or hostname:port or ip:port
    For example:
  • abcd
    Some bad examples are:
  • (backslash will not be inputted)
  • (protocol should not be given)

    TOR nodes can be checked from this API. But the feature has been disabled in the online module.